About us

The golden ship factory is the largest and oldest manufacturer of amusement park machines with more than 25 years of experience in producing and selling gaming machines throughout the country. The factory, with the possession of the largest designers of the country, has been producing and constructing the newest amusement park machines, including children’s, youth’s and family machines and wind structures in different capacities, sky fire, Pirate ship, heavy playground machines, gigantic gaming machines, large gaming machines, modern playgrounds machines such as pirate-merry-go-round ship, sky coaster, merry-go-round and electrical car, UFO, video games, motion simulator, game room, standard playground machines, all kinds of child’s house polyethylene park equipment, bumper cars, ticket games, devil’s wheel, spaceship, ball pool, wind castle,fabrika lonaparkin makinalarinin üretici . açik lonaparkin makinalarinin üretici . baby swing, basketball, baby helicopter, bowling, two-player hockey, train, games, etc. in Iran, which exhibition is visible in the factory in Iran.


The golden ship with the management of Mohammad Hossein Amooei is proud to be the most reputed and largest Iranian exporter in the manufacturing of gaming machines with a history of exports to the countries of Baku-Emirates-Iraq-Qatar-Azerbaijan-Turkey and Africa. And it has received several international letters of appreciation from Turkey and the Azarbaijan of the Soviet Union and Yemen.

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