The necessity of forming department

In the last years, deplorable incidents have indicated a lack of observance of safety and defects in recreational equipment and the lack of attention of some manufacturers, importers and beneficiaries of recreational equipment. Based on this, since the beginning of the nineties, the section of the playground equipment inspection department began its activities in order to making safety recreational centers, and broadly expanded after the official announcement of the Organization of Standard and Industrial Research of Iran that the standardization of recreational centers has become mandatory since the beginning of the year 2008.


Activities done on the route of recreational centers making safety by this section

1.Selecting of Australian Standards AS 3533 as the appropriate reference for editing of national standards of recreational equipment for amusement parks in 2001 by the Organization of Standard and Industrial Research of Iran due to their comprehensiveness and the assignment of the translation task and editing these standards to the Iran Standard and Quality Inspection co.

2. Translation of standards and convening several meetings with representatives of the standard organization, the technical office of the Ministry of Interior, the governor of Tehran, the builders, the recreational equipment designers of amusement parks and university professors, and editing the national standards ISIRI 8987 in three sections: design and construction, exploitation, repair, maintenance and inspection during exploitation, by the Department of Inspection of the Company’s amusement equipment and participation in the editing of the ISIRI 11389 standard for pneumatic equipment and structures and the ISIRI 6436 standard for simple park equipment.

3. Massive notification to municipalities, amusement parks, recreational centers and parks organization across the country since the beginning of 2002 by the company regarding the necessity of making safety of recreational equipment by means of communication, negotiation and announcement of readiness for inspection of these devices.

4. Performing initial inspections and preparing a preliminary evaluation report on the status of recreational facilities located in the amusement parks and the report of the inconsistencies to the parties concerned.

5. Carrying out periodic inspections of the second turn on exploiting recreational devices.

6. Inspection during the construction and during the installation of recreational facilities for amusement parks according to the applicant’s request.


Inspection during Construction:

Inspection during the construction of recreational equipment in order to ensure the production of safe and standard recreational device is the first step in the safety of amusement parks. The purpose of this inspection is to investigate the conformity of technical documents, construction drawings and recreational device construction process with standard requirements, in the course of that, inspection of raw materials consumed, performing non-destructive tests, dimensional and apparent examinations, and finally performance tests by qualification inspectors are taking place.